Repair and maintenance of molds

For more than 10 years our tooling workshop has been performing a wide range of metalworking operations: milling, electroerosion, laser welding, lathing, grinding, and hardening. The working fields of our machine park allow us to work with large-sized molds.
Our qualified and experienced specialists use modern CAD programs to design and develop molds.
The workshop has the ability to test molds using the customer’s raw materials to get specified operating mode. Tests are performed on injection molding machines with a clamping force of 60 to 1250 tons.

Our tooling workshop offers:

  • manufacturing of molds
  • repair and recovery of molds
  • replacement of worn parts
  • restoration of the surface of forming plates
  • thinning the walls of end products to reduce weight
  • modification of the cooling scheme
  • and other types of repair work.

  • Every year we manufacture and repaire about 200 molds.

    Our tool shop is one of the few that can produce and repair large-sized molds in Russia.

    Litievik - Injection molding and production of molds
    Litievik - Injection molding and production of molds

    Equipment park

    EquipmentModelWorking zoneQt.
    CNC Vertical machining centerDATAN Higth spped900*600*9002
    CNC Vertical machining center GSM20002000*1000*10001
    CNC Vertical machining center GSM10001000*500*5002
    CNC Vertical machining center YUHAI1200*700*9001
    EDMAJAN CNC EDM9001000*1000*8001
    EDMAGIE 3501200*700*4001
    Flat-grinding machineЗЛ722А1200*400*4001
    Molding machineEngel, Demagот 60 до 1250 тн1
    Laser welding machineTST-W400400Вт1
    Heat treatment furnace 650*650*3001

    How do we work:

    The time we set aside for stages:

    • Calculation of the cost of manufacturing or repairing of the mold, issuing a quotation up to 5 working days.
    • Designing drawings and 3D models up to 30 working days
    • Production and repair stage – from 1 to 120 working days, depending on the complexity.

    All stages are agreed with the customer.

    Our location:

    Address: Klimovskoe build. 1, Borovskiy district, Kaluga area, 249100 

    Tel.: + 7 495 128-5939 or our mail:

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